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  1. I was in a dark place emotionally and had gone to a gorge situated at the bottom of a mountain, away from civilization, on my own, in the middle of one moonlit night. I sat on the edge the cliff crying, my feet dangling over, side on to the mountain, contemplating the worst. It was then I saw a luminous green ball of light, not a machine, just a ball if light, come from over the back of the mountain. It flew down from the top, hovering just above the landscape following the shape of the mountain as it made its way down to where it hovered in front of me, mere metres away, in mid air. For a few minutes, maybe 10 or so, curiously, I looked as it. I sensed this ball of luminous green light was looking back at me too and I felt like it had come down especially for me. I can’t explain it, but It was at that moment I felt loved and cared about. Two emotions I desperately needed. I felt special. When I no longer felt dark anymore, the light flew back the same path it took, hovering just above the landscape, following the shape of the mountain it made its way back up to the top of the mountain and over the back from where it had come and I too made my way back home.
    It was the most beautiful and spiritual experience I’ve ever had. That ball of bright green light saved my life that night.

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